SISTRADE - Software Consulting, S.A. is an information systems company with know-how in software development and consulting service for different activity areas, including industry companies. SISTRADE main goal is to offer the market the best information systems tools, in order to help SISTRADE customers to improve performance in all the critical business processes.

SISTRADE has a business process consulting team that adds value and helps in developing innovative solutions, mainly web-based, for SISTRADE customers. The knowledge in technology and in business process gives the customers global solutions with real and great value for their business.

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Sistrade Catalogue THAI [PDF]

NP 4457 : 2007

SISTRADE is very concerned about these issues. SISTRADE is certified in the standard NP 4457:2007. With the implementation of the standard, it was possible to systematize the processes of innovation, research and business development. Since its founding, SISTRADE has participated in research projects with many entities of the national scientific system, looking for synergies arising from the exchange of knowledge between academia and business.

ISO 9001 : 2015

SISTRADE is certified in ISO 9001: 2015. The guidance to the quality of products and services to customers, has led the company to implementing this standard, always aimed at increasing customer satisfaction as well as working on the path of continuous improvement.


Supply and implementation of IT solutions for value creation in companies. We establish partnerships with our customers in order to obtain an adjusted and functional solution with concrete, innovative results that add value, through joint decisions on an increasingly competitive technological market.


We intend to be recognised worldwide in the industrial sector as providers of solutions and services that help organisations to optimise their performance. With state-of-the-art technology, innovation, specialised personnel and leadership that is present, we want to guarantee the growth and fulfilment of the company’s social role, investing in a committed and valued work team.


At SISTRADE, as an information technology company, the contact with the most recent and up-to-date technologies is constant, and there is no difference, at a technological level, between managers and the remaining staff. Thanks to the operational proximity between human resources, the transmission of company values is multi-directional.

Our main values:


We work to meet the needs of our CLIENTS!


The Code of Ethics and Conduct (Code) is the document which contains the values that guide the performance of SISTRADE, as well as the ethical principles and norms of conduct to which the SISTRADE and its employees are subjected to and assume, as intrinsically their own. This Code defines the company we want to be, the values that govern and guide it and the ethical conduct we expect from all our stakeholders. [More information]


Since its founding, SISTRADE sought to establish partnership with various entities whenever the company believes that there is a potential synergy, therefore, SISTRADE keeps its doors open to strategic partners that can bring a breath of fresh air to technological development.

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