Handle and manage the entire lifecycle of the Fixed Assets

Fixed Assets Management software is an indispensable tool for managing the assets of your company, handling the entire lifecycle of fixed assets and evaluating the effects in terms of financial choices.

Fixed Assets module of Sistrade® ERP was designed based on the new rules of IAS, and is therefore optimised for this new paradigm. This tool allows you an effective management of the entire lifecycle of the assets within your company, to carry out operations related to the asset and print reports of depreciation, revaluation and gains and losses.

Fixed Assets Management allows:

> Manage the lifecycle of the fixed assets and evaluate the effects in terms of financial choices
> Designed and optimised based on the new rules of IAS
> Accounts association (IAS, depreciation) - each time the process is performed, the resulting values are automatically exported to the account
> Carry out operations related to the goods and print reports of depreciation, revaluation, and gains and losses
> Register factories within the company - useful when assets are assigned to different locations, giving out a list with a more detailed location of assets
> Associate and entity and all data necessary to the lease-purchase of goods, such as Value, Interest Rate, Monthly Installment, and others


Key Features

  • Direct integration with accounting
  • Revaluations (statutory and free):
    • Regarding depreciation, it is possible to use a fee specified in the legal decrees with the date of purchase, or a fee set by the user manually justifying the use. Depreciations are carried out in two periods: Annual fee and Monthly fee, and two methods: Straight Line and Declining Balance.
  • Individual sheet of assets
  • List and management of assets with other modules integration:
    • Assign a factory, a supplier, or an imported cost centre from analytical accounting when registering an asset
    • Assets warranties management
    • Management of insurance policies
  • Statement  and management of depreciations:
    • Use a specified fee in the legal decrees with the date of purchase, or a fee set manually by the user, justifying the use
    • Depreciations are carried out in two periods: Annual fee and Monthly fee
    • Depreciations can be carried out in two methods: Straight Line and Declining Balance
    • Visualize depreciations by cost centre and homogeneous group, and within these, it is possible to choose the synthetic mode which corresponds only to total values; or the analytic mode that corresponds to a detailed statement per asset
  • Disposals
  • Write-offs
  • Repairs
  • History of processes
  • Management of homogenous groups
  • Management of depreciation decrees



Sistrade® solution provides various standard reports for all of the areas of the ERP allowing a quick access to key information on the company. Here are some examples of reports:

  • Complete sheet of an asset and list of assets
  • Depreciation balance sheet
  • List of revaluations
  • List of depreciations, individual or by group
  • List of write-offs
  • Printing labels, to identify the assets of the company
  • Global depreciation and amortisation report
  • Capital gains and losses report
  • Reintegration report
  • Legal reports according to the Finance Portal publications
  • Dynamic SmartStatistics reports with global information for analytical review



All modules have the most relevant indicators to be presented for each area, such as the total of invoicing in sales, the occupation of the stocks in the warehouses, approved production orders in production, the total of debit and credit in accounting, the number of active employees in human resources and many others.

With this important tool, users can analyze important information of the company filtered by:

  • Week/month/quarter/semester/year/financial year and other periods
  • Client/vendor/country


Business Intelligence

Sistrade® Business Intelligence system allows companies to gain more thorough knowledge about the factors that affect daily operations, thereby contributing to better decision-making in business. Managers are able to make more quick and assertive decisions, using the dynamic and appealing dashboards.

All the business analysis are displayed through information hubs:

  • Financial and Administrative
  • Sales Management
  • Stocks & Purchases
  • Production Management
  • Quality Management
  • Asset Maintenance



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