Manage the Human Resources issues of your organization in a simple and efficient way

People are vital elements for the existence and daily running of your organization. No company could develop products related to its business or achieve good performance and productivity indexes in order to achieve its main objectives without people.

In a labour market that is increasingly competitive, it is essential for your organization to have the ability to provide good management of the most valuable resources you have in your company. It is necessary to consider a huge amount of elements that make the successful management more complicated to achieve.

To facilitate the management of your company’s human resources, we have developed the Human Resources Management module of Sistrade® MIS|ERP. With a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features, this software allows managing all the issues related to human resources of your organization in a simple and efficient way.


Organizational changes and external, legal and market changes, require greater flexibility and agility. With Sistrade software, companies are able to adapt to constant changes responding to the most diverse areas. This tool is also integrated with Accounting, which is a great advantage in terms of payroll, and integrated with Treasury for payments and sales team commissions.

Employee Registration

Each employee has a register where all the information relevant to the company is recorded. The register is organised into various sections to simplify the data fill-in process. The user can also add an employee photo or attach any file or document related to the employee.


Vacation and Absence Management

The software adapts to the reality of any organisation, following the validation flow of absences and vacations for each area/department. The user can see the team’s monthly or annual calendar, helping with decision-making and task distribution. Sistrade software also allows interaction with the time clock register and with the Employee Portal in order to automate the process of absence and overtime marking.


Management of Work Schedule

It is possible to define a fixed work schedule or work schedule by shifts. It is possible to define the work periods associated to each work schedule. As for rotating shift schedules, the user can define monthly schedules, indicating the shifts to be working during certain periods.


Time Clock Management

It is possible to import and process time clock files. This allows the user to perform the mapping with normal schedules and in shifts. As a result, this allows entry of absences and overtime.


Automatic payroll

Possibility to make automatic payroll processing for all the employees. The user can automatically process various types of receipt (salary, holiday allowance, Christmas allowance, bonus, etc.).


Management of Safety, Hygiene and Health at Work

Management of all the information related to safety and health at work. Possibility to register Consultations/Examinations of employees, Accidents at Work and Occupational Diseases. Possibility to register risk factors (physical, chemical, biological, etc.), and to manage deliveries of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to the employees.



Possibility to generate various standard reports for a good company management:

Internal Reports, such as:

  • Payroll
  • Salary
  • Annual employee income statements
  • Absences
  • IRS settlement
  • Social Security withholding

Legal Reports, such as:

  • Declaration of wages (TA)
  • Monthly Income Statement
  • Survey on Income and Workhours
  • Labour Compensation Fund

People are the bottom line of the companies!
Managers are challenged to develop and encourage their employees to achieve the desired goals. This tool was designed aiming to help your company to manage its talents, identifying the needs and following the evolution.

Training Management

There is a possibility to manage training courses in the company. The user can define various modules for each training course. After training courses are registered, the user can easily manage application and attendance. The interface allows the user to indicate if the employees attended the entire training course. The training courses are available on the Employee Portal with information regarding the time, place, trainer and trainees.


Performance Evaluation

The employee performance evaluation and evolution monitoring is a priority for companies. From the moment the employee joins the team, it is important to define Action Plans and feedback in order to keep up with the employee’s evolution and, as a result, pay bonuses. Aware of these challenges, Sistrade software allows evaluating the employee by skills and objectives. Skill-based assessment is a qualitative evaluation using survey available on the Employee Portal.
The evaluation by objectives is based on the definition of goals that each employee or team will have to achieve in a certain period of time. At the time of evaluation and after data interconnection in the software, the system displays whether the employee has achieved the objective or not.



Retaining talent is a challenge for many companies. Employee retention is achieved, above all, when they feel happy at work.
In order to know the level of motivation and happiness of employees, Sistrade software allows creating a survey (anonymous or not), where it is possible to assess what makes employees happy and what suggestions for improvement could be applied.
Using this tool, companies can define actions to be taken in order to increase the satisfaction of their employees.


To simplify communication and ensure that all employees have access to important and relevant information, we have developed the Employee Portal. This tool is aligned with the Human Resources module of our software, supporting configurable features and processes according to each organization.

This portal supports the administrative and the talent management area of your company. Through it your employees have access to:

  • General data (personal and professional)
  • Company organizational chart
  • Vacation schedule
  • Performance evaluation
  • Planned training courses


The way the data is organized is increasingly important, as it can facilitate and streamline the information analysis. A number of dashboards provided ensures a quick and detailed analysis of your organization. All the data can be filtered by employee and date a more accurate analysis.

Employee data analysis, namely:

  • Absences
  • Vacations
  • Employment Contracts
  • Work Schedules
  • Payroll
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Training
  • Happiness



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