Improve the Energy Efficiency of your Company

Once, power was considered abundant, nowadays it is considered a resource that must be managed carefully not only in households but mainly in companies. An energy management system tracks all energy resources and monitors its cost energy expenses.

In a company implementation of an energy management system may result in a 10% improvement in energy consumption. It ends up serving as an implementation of a new energy source.
Nowadays administrators can have access to most of the cost of an enterprise, such as the detailed communications expenses or the detailed vehicle fuel consumptions.

Energy Management allows:

An energy management system, lets the user know when, where and how the energy resources of a company are spent. Energy efficiency can be understood as the ability to run the same job with less consumption and in an increasingly demanding market, lower energy costs mean a more competitive and sustainable company.

SISTRADE energy management system can become an indispensable tool for improving company energy consumption, increasing its competitiveness in the market, as well as contributing to an improvement of civil liability, minimizing the impact of its activities on society.

With Sistrade Solution you can:

Sistrade Energy monitors all energy-related info regarding companies’ equipment and machines in real time and offers an alert system to keep track of all unexpected events.

Sistrade Energy Management helps companies managing light in warehouses, introducing timers in air conditioning processes, correcting power factors or even restructuring manufacturing processes so that they are more energetically efficient.

This is 100% web available which means organizations can but up to date about their energy resources consumptions in anywhere and real time.

> Manage invoicing to customers and suppliers
> Setting of icons by tolerance intervals in order to alert the user of deviations from the default value greater than x%
> Real-time information about energy consumption and alerting in specific points of the process if the differences between the actual and optimized consumption exceed a certain value
> Real-time information of a set of parameters related to the power monitoring by equipment or by machine
> By supervision, it is possible to monitor the energy analyzer placed in each machine; In Shop Floor Control / Manufacturing Execution System Module can be incorporated instant consumption information per machine
> Consumption data crossing by machine and by product type
> Comparison chart between standard consumption for the operation with significant energy consumption through energy profile and the actual consumption
> Real-time graphic monitoring of energy consumption via web browser by machine, by product, by sector
> Sectorial analyses in a tabular or graphical format
> Continuous comparison of consumption by teamwork. At a given time period it is possible to cross employees with the instant consumption and alert the user about deviations in comparison to the standard


Macro features of Sistrade Energy

> Correlation algorithms between the operating equipment and measured energy consumption parameters
> Graphical or analytical monitoring of the various parameters of each energy analyzer such as Phase Voltage; Average Phase Voltage; Phase Current; Average Phase Current; Phase Power; Total Power; Phase Power Factor; Total Power Factor; Harmonic Distortion of Voltage; Harmonic Distortion of Current; Active Power per machine
> Query of consumption between periods of time, by analyzer, by shift, by section, and other filter criteria
> Features related to the control of the supplier's electricity invoice. The system allows making cost estimation including the electrical energy
> Elements of a given billing period, indicating the on-peak/ off-peak energy, power, active and reactive energy; Maintenance and configuration of the parameters and energy costs; History of the energy cost per production cycle and time
> Comparison of cost and time per production and line


Benefits of production process energy optimization solutions

> Autonomy to undertake a program of energy management capable of producing cost savings that persist over time
> Real-time data available to facilitate decision making
> Reduction of energy costs
> Improving process and activity energy performance
> Control of energy costs
> Increasing the equipment lifespan
> Increasing the overall level of awareness within the organization and in the entire value chain, the benefits of systematic energy management
> Possibility of integration with the existing management systems
> Demand for innovation and continuous improvement in energy use
> Improvement of brand image and reputation
> Competitive advantage over companies that tend to neglect this point of social responsibility
> Reduction of environmental impacts resulting from the activity
> Protection against unstable energy markets



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